My Apology for Misusing the Term “Privilege”; A Blogger “kind of want[s] to punch [me] right now”; An Author Displays Her Bigotry on Her Public Facebook

First of all, my apologies for misusing the term “privilege” in my Chelsea Cain post. I used it as a synonym for “entitlement,” but they actually have different meanings. “Privilege” refers to systemic oppression, which is not what I meant in my post. I’m very sorry for my lack of research (and my embarrassingly small vocabulary), but now that I know the correct meaning I’ll do my best not to misuse it again. This has been a learning experience.

Second, also involving my Chelsea Cain post – it attracted a rebuttal. For the record, I found the post via my WordPress stats, and I knew full well clicking the link that the blogger may have a different opinion to mine. And she does. I accept that, because sharing your own opinion often leads to other people sharing theirs, and disagreeing with yours. With mine.

So I dish out criticism, but can I take it? Turns out I can. Though one particular sentence made my breath and pulse quicken:

“I kind of want to punch him [sic] right now.” –S. M. Carrière

It is unsettling to learn that someone’s thoughts and feelings turn to violence because of something you wrote. But to be honest, I doubt the blogger’s ability to hunt me down and actually punch me in the face…simply because the writer referred to me throughout her piece as “he.” This may be a shock to you, but I am female. Perhaps that isn’t obvious in my blogging, because I type with my fingers and not my lady-parts. [NOTE: The blogger has since been informed of my gender, and has amended her post so it now says, “I kind of want to punch her right now.” So she’s corrected the error she made regarding my gender, but she still “kind of want[s] to punch [me] right now.”]

But the most disturbing thing about today was seeing…[TRIGGER WARNING: Bigotry, racial insensitivity, cultural insensitivity, general offensiveness]this thread, started by Christy Parks (aka C. L. Parks, who’s published with Rebel Ink Press). The thread is still active (at the time of my blogging this), and Ms. Parks and her friends seem disturbingly proud of “If you’re looking for a politically correct page, you’ve come to the wrong place.” Ms. Parks blocked Emma Petersen, the one person on that thread who asked questions for clarification. Ms. Petersen has screenshots on her Twitter. As yet, no comment from Rebel Ink Press.

P.S. My Chelsea Cain screenshots will disappear on 25th September, when Twitpic (my image host) closes down. I’ve saved the photos to my computer, but may not re-upload on another server later. So be sure to save anything from Twitpic before the deadline.

5 responses to “My Apology for Misusing the Term “Privilege”; A Blogger “kind of want[s] to punch [me] right now”; An Author Displays Her Bigotry on Her Public Facebook

  1. The ignorance and bigotry in that thread is shocking. All those people are demonstrating is their sheeplike ability to fall for the propaganda churned out by the US government. To see the kind of people that ‘information’ is creating is horrifying.

  2. Ah. I should apologise for that, and I do. Though I often use that phrase as a statement of annoyance with something with absolutely no intention of ever following through, people who don’t know me would not know that.

    I do apologise. It wasn’t cool to make that statement, no matter how
    facetiously I intended it. While I stand by my opinions, I would never actually hurt anyone (intentionally) unless my life actually depended upon it… which, of course, is not the case with a difference of opinion.

    So again, I am sorry about my incredibly poor word choice. I often forget that people who may read my blog don’t know me. In any case, I disagree with you, but wouldn’t actually throw a punch because of it.

    I am sorry again.

  3. For some reason, the above comment was done under someone else’s account… someone who hasn’t used my computer in ages and I didn’t notice. So now I’m off to apologise to her in case she starts copping the flack on my behalf.

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