[REVIEW] After Eden – Helen Douglas

Helen Douglas
After Eden (After Eden, Book 1)
Bloomsbury (US: 5th November 2013; UK: 7th November 2013; AU: 1st January 2014)
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I definitely hadn’t read the book before, and the Cornwall setting signals that this is new. But there’s no denying the pervasive sense of déjà vu in After Eden‘s first seven chapters: so much like Twilight, Hush, Hush, and whichever other books that follow some “teen paranormal romance” formula.

Had NetGalley not categorised this as sci-fi, I would’ve given up early. But wait for the sci-fi element, and it emerges in the eighth chapter. Because I haven’t really encountered it before, it’s rather welcome and interesting. Yay, science!

But the story itself; the task that the protag must accomplish and how to do it…you’d be forgiven for eye-rolling. The characters and relationships just don’t ring true – yes, even in a sci-fi novel the sci-fi element is somehow the most realistic. At least, it’s the most likeable, and the book’s saving grace. I’ll stick around for the sequel because of the science. But if you want to find that kernel of awesome in this book, you’ll have to wade through a lot of formulaic faff first.


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