Introducing: Tez Assists

I’m Tez Miller, a book blogger since 2007. Perhaps I can be of assistance to you.

An author’s job often includes tasks that don’t involve writing fiction. Answering multitudes of repetitive questions, keeping social media up to date with progress, and checking when books are pre-orderable. One solution to these things is to outsource.

I’ve been observing books and publishing from a reader’s perspective for several years now. A number of authors have hired assistants to do mail-outs and such, but my skills work best as a Virtual Assistant, which is online-only.

Upon request, I can:

-Help draft answers to Frequently Asked Questions
-Help draft form replies to email
-Answer/organise email
-Post updates to WordPress, Blogspot, LiveJournal, Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads, Pinterest
-Search (and its version in other countries) for updates on your future publications

Eventually I’d like to make a career out of being a Virtual Assistant, but for the time being I’d like to gain some work experience. If you’re interested in possibly hiring me as your Virtual Assistant, please contact me at TezMillerOz at gmail com for a consultation. Outline what tasks you’d like managed, and if these are within my skill-set we can devise a working arrangement.

Feel free to pass along my information to authors you know of who might also require assistance.

Thanks for everything, and have a lovely day.

Tez Miller

2 responses to “Introducing: Tez Assists

  1. I think it’s a great idea, good luck.

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