A How-To Guide for Finding 2015 Release Dates for American Books on an Australian Bookseller Website

The good news is at the end of this post. I’m making you sit through my complaint first 😉


Maybe the website is in beta, and I’m hoping it is because how it currently works is not functioning the way it did before, the way I need it to. For better or worse, this is my chosen site for keeping up to date on book releases in Australia, which often differ from those overseas.

http://www.angusrobertson.com.au/ Already this isn’t right. The drop-down Search menu near the top currently says All products – and that’s the only thing in its drop-down. I swear I used to be able to search by Books, Music, or whatever. Now it’s just All products. And there’s not even an Advanced Search function that I can see. So this isn’t as user-friendly as it should be, but maybe I’m too spoiled from using other book sites. (Shout-out to Amazon.)

In the text box next to it, I type “mario acevedo”, including the quotations. Click Enter. Displaying results 1 to 19 of 19.

In the Sort by menu, I select Published (new to old), to arrange the results in order from the most recent release, then going backwards.

Displaying results 1 to 20 of 14783892. I am not farking kidding. You had one relatively simple task, A&R, to arrange only 19 results. How the heck did you just come up with over 14 million results?! And in that first 1-20 results, NONE of the books are by Mario Acevedo, or have any part of his name in their titles.

So. Hopefully this is just a site bug that’ll be fixed soon. If not, I’ll have to choose a more user-friendly Australian bookseller website.


And these are for U.S. releases, not Australian editions. They’re set for 2015, and aren’t even on their publishers’ websites yet it some cases. (Looking at you, Simon & Schuster.) I want to name names and share dates, but I’d probably get in trouble with the authors, and be asked to delete the info because “it’s not supposed to be public,” so…

We’ll go with a safer option for the time being: Carolyn Lee Adams’s Ruthless. It’s a Simon & Schuster title, but not on their website (although they released a trailer for it via their YouTube channel), and not on Amazon or Edelweiss yet, either (at the time I wrote this blog post). But the author has shared the cover and release date (2nd June 2015) on her website, so we can consider it official, and thus I shouldn’t get into trouble.

But due to A&R’s wacky new Search function, I could only find Ruthless‘s listing in a counter-intuitive way. The natural method would be to type carolyn lee adams ruthless (no quotations) and click Enter, which brings up 13 results – none of them the book in question.

HOWEVER: type carolyn lee adams ruthless and DON’T click anything. DON’T even move the cursor. Just wait a few seconds. Some preliminary results will appear…and at the very top: Ruthless (Hardback) Carolyn Lee Adams. Click on that.

http://www.angusrobertson.com.au/books/ruthless-carolyn-lee-adams/p/9781481422628 And here you are. No cover, and the summary’s been cut off, but the listing exists. The publication date says 1st June, not 2nd, but I think there’s a default that makes it the first of whatever month, if the publisher only submits “June 2015” as the date with no specification. But hey – at least it tells you a date, so you can start organising your 2015 releases for promo, or whatever.

And this is how I found out the dates of other U.S. novels not yet listed on Amazon. Are the dates, summaries, and everything subject to change? Of course. But to me something is better than nothing, and I’m adding what I find to my Reading Wishlist.

Again, apologies for not naming names (other than the Ruthless example). I considered contacting all the publishers/authors involved (and I did email one of the authors), to check if the publication date is approximately correct, or to ask when I’m allowed to go public with it, but I don’t like asking people for things. But now that I’ve shown you how to use the wacky, counter-intuitive Search function on A&R, you can try looking for authors and titles you’re interested in, and see what comes up.

Happy searching! 🙂


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