[REVIEW] Leftovers – Laura Wiess

Laura Wiess
Simon & Schuster (US & CA: 1st January 2008; AU: March 2008; UK: 7th July 2008)
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To say queen of contemporary teen fiction Laura Wiess’s books are gritty, dark, and raw are understatements. While devastating, they’re also can’t-look-away reads of consistently high quality.

Leftovers is another wrenching psychological suspense, this time exploring predators and prey, setbacks and revenge. Are Blair and Ardith heroes or anti-heroes? They’re definitely both victims, but is planning a set-up to take down others justifiable because of their pasts? Do they deserve punishment?

Ardith and Blair’s characters are never static, switching from annoying to applause-worthy throughout the entire novel. They’re not always agreeable, but they are understandable, which keeps the novel grounded. It’s tense and gripping; with an ever-growing stain of dread. Leftovers is not a fun read, but it is a must-read.

Trigger warnings for the book: Rape, molestation, dog death, and possibly other things I can’t recall.

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