So I Literally Dreamed a Story Idea…

Something happened this morning that was rare enough for me to mention it on social media: I dreamed a story idea. You may know that Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight was sparked by one of her dreams, and Maria V. Snyder’s Inside Out was sparked by one of her dreams. And probably countless other writers, but even MVS has said her dream-idea was a once-off, and she hasn’t dreamt up any other story ideas.

Because I don’t plan to make fiction out of my dream-idea, I gift it to you πŸ˜‰

I clearly wasn’t a character (maybe an omniscient storyteller or observer), because the story idea came with its own author names, series/book title, and marketing hook:

Author: D. and C. Gregory (husband and wife writer duo)
Series/book title: Tribes of Justice
Marketed as: Clan of the Cave Bear in snow and ice

I’ve never even read Clan of the Cave Bear (don’t plan to, either), so I don’t know if it has anything in common.

Anyhoo, a woman comes to live in a two- or three-storey house in the middle of nowhere, among snow and ice. Her husband is away for long periods of time, perhaps a “ranger” (I don’t know what that means). While the man’s away, he leaves his missus at home with their circa-five-year-old son, and an older woman (maybe the boy’s grandma, because she’s only there for child-minding purposes). The ranger also leaves one of the young upstarts in his line of work to stay with the woman, boy and grandma in the ranger’s absence. The woman and the young upstart (maybe named Jake) are having it off, but it’s unknown if the husband knows. (Maybe he knows and doesn’t care, or deliberately set them up to have it off.)

So while they’re having it off indoors, the boy is in the front “yard” building some kind of tall wall of snow to shield the house from wind. Not too close to the house, though, in case the wall of snow avalanches the house or something.

The boy may be AI, gen-mod or some kind of alien, because he’s pretty independent, and doesn’t really feel the cold. Omniscient storyteller mentions “empty vessel” and maybe something about a “soul” – either having one or not.

And thus is the entirety of my dream. No plot, or anything helpful – just a setting, a few characters, and marketing info. Maybe you can come up with a plot for it πŸ˜‰

So I guess the lesson of this blog post is: Your dreams might help give you story ideas? Either that, or they’re just a load of gobshite, like mine πŸ˜‰

P.S. A “wall of snow” likely won’t protect a house from wind. I’ve never lived among snow and ice, so obviously my subconscious made it up, because it’s just as dim as I am when conscious πŸ˜‰


5 responses to “So I Literally Dreamed a Story Idea…

  1. I had this happen to me several times. (My dreams are so weird.) Sometimes I act on it; if I think it’s a story that can stand alone from my others than I start to brainstorm. If not, I write it down for later.

  2. My books/screenplays often start out as dreams. Such is the case with RUTHLESS. I dreamed the first two chapters, woke up, and started writing.

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