[REVIEW] Adaptation – Malinda Lo

Malinda Lo
Adaptation (Adaptation, Book 1)
Hachette (US: 3rd September 2013; UK: 3rd April 2014; AU: 27th May 2014)
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The summary on the book cover is rather vague. More telling is the praise inside likening it to The X-Files. That’s actually a pretty good way of describing this book: it has paranormal phenomenon, government cover-ups, and I think you can guess the third thing. (It’s a spoiler, so I’m not saying.)

I rather like the setting of San Francisco; it seems so underused in fiction. Reese and David are relatively level-headed teens in an extraordinary situation, though trespassing on secretive property to find answers in the real world probably would have got them killed.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this book, so it was a good surprise. And if there’s fan-art (particularly digital) of the painted-walls-with-cling-wrap, I’d love to see. Many unanswered questions, which justifies the need for a sequel (Inheritance), and overall it’s quite an intriguing read.

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