Tez’s Advice to Facebook Users

Someone’s post on Facebook inspired me to quickly write this. It is by no means comprehensive; but it makes sure people know the basics:

1. Go to http://fbpurity.dot.com – then download the app. It’ll stop ads and “recommended” posts from showing up. It is a godsend, and it’s free. (NOTE: Facebook is aware this exists and they don’t like it, so if you post the link they will delete your post. If you want to tell your friends, type it as such: “fbpurity dot com”.)
2. Check your Pages feed: https://www.facebook.com/pages/feed?ref=bookmarks If posts by Pages you Follow aren’t showing up in your regular News Feed, they should be here. Unfortunately you can’t arrange the Pages feed by most recent first, but just go through, and when you see a post you already saw yesterday, that’s it.
3. Arrange your regular News Feed by Most Recent. Left sidebar, should be grey to indicate it’s the current page. Click the arrow, select Most Recent on the dropdown menu.

1. If you’re really concerned about your lack of reach, launch a personal account and make the Follow button available. This way, you’re not obliged to accept Friend Requests, and your Followers can still stay up-to-date.

These advices may not be foolproof, but they’re a step in the right direction. Also, this way you don’t have to guilt-trip your Followers into Liking something that they may not actually like enough to officially Like it 😉


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