[REVIEW] Season to Taste – Natalie Young

Natalie Young
Season to Taste
Hachette Little, Brown (UK: 16th January 2014; AU: 28th January 2014; US: 15th July 2014)
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Is it, or is it not, a spoiler? It’s the subtitle on the UK cover, and clearly the drawcard. Without it, I wouldn’t have tried the book. So glad I did, though. Murder! Dismemberment! Cooking! Cannibalism! If you’re interested in any of these, you’ll be interested in Natalie Young’s Season to Taste, or How to Eat Your Husband. (Rephrase that: If you’re interested in READING any of these… Because if you enjoy DOING murder, dismemberment, or cannibalism, you’d best turn yourself into police.)

So is Lizzie Prain a remarkable character, or are there just extreme circumstances? Nothing in particular seems to precede the murder. Jacob wasn’t abusive; though it’s clear it was a loveless marriage, a relationship out of convenience rather than anything else. Unemployment is a very relevant issue, and the strain it has on relationships is rather testing.

The cannibalism actually makes sense, strange as that sounds. If you don’t want to be arrested, you’ve got to hide the evidence. A secluded location helps, as does a good barbecue, food processor, variety of recipes, and determination.

Yet the most fascinating sequence takes place in Glasgow, with a cooler bag that’s struggling to keep cool its contents…

An extraordinary tale, Season to Taste is one of those novels you never expected to read and now can’t imagine going WITHOUT reading it. Seemingly a literary tome, this genre fiction fan was fully engaged with Season to Taste. The monotony of the bonfire, cooking, and eating makes sense in the context, because it builds suspense for what’s to come. I won’t forget this book in a hurry.

Tori Amos said it best in “Blood Roses”: Sometimes you’re nothing but meat.

Now awaiting the human/soylent green challenge on Masterchef and My Kitchen Rules


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