Notes on Not-Reviewed Books: February 2014

I never read a book twice. It has only one chance. And my brain’s not good at retaining information – even with my favourite books I struggle to remember the characters’ names.

These are the books I read in February that I didn’t review because I was couldn’t be stuffed. Let’s see if they’re memorable.

SECRET WHISPERS by V. C. Andrews: Le Grand Casino in Monaco doesn’t let citizens of its own country into the gaming rooms? But isn’t that…prejudiced against its people? Dude, that’s not cool. Mind you, I hear they’re building a casino in Queensland that’ll only be for foreign high rollers, and not locals, but you know James Packer and his other wealthy Australian mates will get in… But I digress. Would’ve thought it’d give Semantha more agency to banish Cassie in order to turn her life around, instead of after the fact. Instead, she just needed a certain character to die, and then she was fine. Huh. 3 stars.

CHILD OF DARKNESS by V. C. Andrews: It’s so obvious early on what Ami’s motives are, and Celeste does question them to herself, but doesn’t come up with any answers until after the plan comes to fruition. And Celeste has a douchebag boyfriend. 3 stars.

BLACK FRIDAY by Robert Muchamore: Although they’re spies, the CHERUB series features the most realistic and believable kids and teens, compared to most YA fiction. Ryan could do so much better than Natalka, though. 4 stars.

THE LITTLE STRANGER by Sarah Waters: Electrical therapy! Facial surgery! Other than those, this Gothic novel was kind of disappointing. 3 stars.

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