[REVIEW] Death and the Girl He Loves – Darynda Jones

Darynda Jones
Death and the Girl He Loves (Darklight, Book 3)
Macmillan St. Martin’s Griffin (US: 8th October 2014)
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The Darklight trilogy features prophecies, a chosen one, and a heroine with many powers. These tropes are far from my favourites, but in the hands of a quality writer they’re not bad. Darynda Jones’s strength lies in character dynamics with plenty of witty banter. Trouble is, the humour seems forced and out-of-place amongst the serious storylines. (BDSM even gets a throwaway joke, and this is a YA novel.)

Death and the Girl He Loves does exactly what a good finale should: provide a cataclysmic event to wrap up the threads. Two-thirds into the novel, the story takes a major turn. The mindbender completely stopped me in my tracks, then I frantically binge-read until novel’s end. That kind of immersive reading experience is something I don’t feel often, but I love.

Had I been thinking, rather than just reading, the twist would’ve come as no surprise. But it did shock me, which earns my full respect. Emotionally, it’s kind of insulting, but I won’t explain why because of spoilers.

I may not agree with how the story ends, but I certainly understand why the author chose this. Applause to you, Ms. Jones: I feel kind of angry, but in a good way.

2 responses to “[REVIEW] Death and the Girl He Loves – Darynda Jones

  1. Now I’m scared! I haven’t started the trilogy yet and shocking, twisty endings aren’t my thing.

    • In hindsight, it’s not shocking. Though it certainly is a twist 😉 If you want me to spoil it for you, let me know, and I’ll send a private message to your Booklikes.

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