[REVIEW] Pawn – Aimée Carter

Aimée Carter
Pawn (Blackcoat Rebellion, Book 1)
Harlequin Teen (US: 26th November 2013; AU: 1st December 2013; UK: 3rd January 2014)
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“My choices in life have now been reduced to cleaning sewers or whoring myself out to strangers.”

Kitty Doe chooses the latter, because doing sex work in D.C. is supposedly preferable to doing sanitation work in Denver. But this is fiction, and thus Special Snowflake City – she’s probably the only person auctioned off as a sex slave who doesn’t have to have the sex.

“Did you know that eye colour is the one thing we cannot change?”

Aren’t all babies born with blue irises, but they change over time? I know mine are hazel. You would’ve thought a futuristic society would’ve figured out how to change iris colour, but in Special Snowflake City, Kitty has the same as the prime minister’s niece. It’s for this reason, and her age, that Kitty is chosen to be surgically “Masked” to take the place of Lila Hart. Since the promise of surgery was what drew me to Pawn in the first place, I was hoping for more detail and medical scenes. I’d also like to know what forms the ridges on the back of the neck that identify a person’s true rank – and not just the rank with which they’re tattooed. Where’s my science, damn it?!

I paused about a third of the way into Pawn to read some other books, and I returned with confusion – I couldn’t keep track of all the characters and their relationships to one another. This is likely my fault and not the novel’s, though.

Surgery, secrets, and murder – Aimée Carter plots big revelation set pieces that pay off handsomely. There are genuine wow-factor moments – just wait ’til you see Elsewhere! A reliance on Special Snowflake details lets Pawn down a bit, but overall this is a solid 3.5-star read. Hopefully the author has more shocks and surprises in store to keep the trilogy from turning pedestrian.

2 responses to “[REVIEW] Pawn – Aimée Carter

  1. Glad you enjoyed this, the special snowflake stuff can annoy me but overall this sounds like something I’d enjoy!

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