[REVIEW] The Gate – K. T. Grant

K. T. Grant
The Gate (Dark Path, Book 1)
Createspace (US: 5th November 2013)
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Maybe the hot weather that puts me in a bad mood is to blame, or maybe it’s the book. Likely, both. Thus it’s difficult to review K. T. Grant’s The Gate without shouting or sweating, so have these lists:

-Billionaire owns a BDSM club.
-Authors are best-sellers (rather than midlist).
-Virgin millionaire.
-Man declares woman “the one” the first time they root.
-Virgin and the switch are in love.
-Unprotected sex because virgins don’t have diseases, and contraceptive pills ALWAYS work?

-Info-dump via dialogue.
-Secondary character more interesting than main character. But then secondary character becomes less interesting, too.
-Main character is relatable, but not likeable or interesting.
-All the emotions seem false, so the relationships aren’t believable. Like a soap opera – stuff happens, but you don’t care.
-Blurred lines between rape and willing submission.
-Obvious foreshadowing.
-Main character’s father just died, and her two d-bag men are fighting – verbally and physically – about her in the hospital. Insensitive on so many counts.
-Main character playing at being dominant is so not believable, like a little kid playing dress-up. Pretending to be a switch does not make you one. So this sequence is plain ridiculous.

All this said, should the sequel – like this – turn up on NetGalley, I will request it without hesitation. Because like a soap opera, it’s addictive.


2 responses to “[REVIEW] The Gate – K. T. Grant

  1. What was addictive about it?

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