[REVIEW] The Brokenhearted – Amelia Kahaney

Amelia Kahaney
The Brokenhearted
HarperCollins Teen (CA: 30th September 2013; US: 8th october 2013; AU: 24th October 2013)
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The thing with book packagers is that they make what they THINK readers want – rather than what readers ACTUALLY want. Or maybe they know their target market, and I’m just the wrong demographic. (Therefore your opinion doesn’t count, Tezzy; because it wasn’t made for you…)

Hey! I wouldn’t have even tried the novel if it didn’t appeal to me in some way. An experimental bionic heart, a city called Bedlam…you know I love medical shiz and asylums. And I do love Jax and her mad science. Hillside Palisades is a wonderfully creepy place, with ominous businesses such as Chop Shop. So up my alley, yes?

Those bits: yes. The rest of the book: no. I don’t blame the author – she did the best with what she was given, and she’s a good writer. But the plotting and characters just don’t work, and for those I blame Alloy Entertainment.

Instead of concentrating on the awesome mad science, the story instead focuses on flighty Anthem Fleet and her emo ways. She meets Gavin, and falls in insta-love. That insta-love kick-starts the downfall of this TSTL heroine. Anthem is wealthy; Gavin is poor. Within a week of meeting, just after they root, Gavin is kidnapped and rich Anthem must pay to free him. Because some random dude she’s only known a week is worth $250,000. So she steals a necklace from her mother…

Anyway, the moral of this story is that there are consequences to insta-love. But of course Anthem is not doomed to complete her teenage years single and sexless, as we’ll likely find out in Book 2…

Amelia Kahaney is a talented writer, and The Brokenhearted has an awesome premise. The mad science won my heart. But the rest of the novel is full of fail.


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