Pinterest – My Latest Project Complete (for the time being)

You know I can be somewhat obsessive when it comes to my book lists. My latest organisational project is complete for the time being, and will be added to…until the organisational part of my brain freaks out when the additions make my pictorial list no longer in alphabetical (then chronological) order.

For those of you on Pinterest, you may want to check out my Books Wishlist. It’s a pictorial companion to the Reading Wishlist text here on my blog. You can see how US and UK covers often differ vastly, original covers and their redesigns, etc.

Books will be added, as I add them to my wishlist. And books will be deleted as I read them, or decide to scrap them from my wishlist because I no longer deem them worthy. Note that I actually own a lot of these books, so it’s not a “wishlist” per se – rather just stuff I want to read, whether I own them or otherwise (most of them = otherwise).


2 responses to “Pinterest – My Latest Project Complete (for the time being)

  1. Wow… that’s extremely impressive. Impressive and pretty and far more organised than I could ever hope to be (though now I really want to make something similar)! Can I ask why you decided to go for pinterest rather than goodreads/libthing/etc? (Besides the super shininess of the pics ๐Ÿ™‚

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