[REVIEW] Tampa – Alissa Nutting

Alissa Nutting
HarperCollins Ecco (CA: 24th June 2013; US: 2nd July 2013); Faber (UK & AU: 1st August 2013)
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Youth can’t be maintained forever. This theme has been done often enough in fiction, referring to the lead character. Alissa Nutting’s Tampa subverts this by introducing a narrator who tries to maintain her lovers’ youth. Celeste Price is a twenty-six-year-old teacher of high school English. Her preferred lovers are fourteen-year-old male students.

This is not a romance, nor presented as one. Instead, it’s a tale of psychological suspense, even a crime thriller – you know something bad will go down, but how is less certain.

Celeste’s voice grips right away, and though one can’t condone her perversion, she’s a great teacher, really engaging the classes in the core texts. And though she initially does it for selfish reasons, she seems to care about a fellow teacher’s wellbeing. She’s not the type of person to have friends, but Janet is the closest.

Tampa is a sordid tale with a sharp voice and strong narrator. Celeste Price is a fully-formed anti-hero, who’s as smart, funny, and just plain interesting as she is depraved. Tampa may be marketed as literary fiction, but it’s a modern noir with a particularly memorable femme fatale. I’m so looking forward to whatever Alissa Nutting writes next.

One response to “[REVIEW] Tampa – Alissa Nutting

  1. From the reviews I read of Tampa, it sure is a sordid tale. I’m not sure if it’s something I would read – based on what the novel is about. Nice review.

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