[REVIEW] Kithra – Dani Worth

Dani Worth
Kithra (Kithran Regenesis, Book 1)
Samhain (US: 8th November 2011)
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A certain piece of writing advice received years ago: Can the story work without the sci-fi/fantasy setting? Then don’t bother making it sci-fi/fantasy. Those weren’t the exact words used, but it pretty much sums up my beefs with this novella.

-If setting a story in the far-future, with different planets and whatnot, DON’T make a contemporary pop culture reference. (In this case, Lex Luthor.)

-Heroine doesn’t do exclusive relationships? She’s in romance fiction; of course she does.

-If your story is basically “sex in space”, don’t be surprised when readers are left feeling, “Is that it?” That kind of space-hornyness is expected from “Peterotica”, but not from professional authors.

-If there are aliens, it’s not believable that they’re all humanoid. (But of course they are in fiction, so they can be rooted.)

-Heroine thinks she’s pretty? She has two handsome males who want to root her in a consensual way – that means they think she’s boneriffic. (Or there’s no other cootch within the living quarters.)

-If the sci-fi stuff is actually interesting (such as the Kithran regenesis), ACTUALLY FOCUS ON THAT. Because the relationship between Lux, Kol, and Egan totally could’ve been set on Earth, with war-torn countries or natural disasters or whatever.

Yeah, so I’m all ranty right now. Maybe because I recently saw Gravity, so any other space story is likely to suffer in comparison – especially this one, as it turns out.

But you know what will bring back my sense of humour? Upon starting Kithra, I realised that the three main characters are a spaceship captain, a geologist, and an alien. And because most of my TV viewing is animated, you know who I imagined:

(Images from here, here, and here.)

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