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Don’t worry, folks – this is a spoiler-free zone.

I’m not much for movies. If lucky enough, I’ll find one per year worth seeing. Thus seeing two films in two days…that in itself is astounding.

Maybe I overdid it. Like using all my emotions on Rush, so that when it came to Gravity there was nothing left. I did enjoy it, and out of the two films I’d be more likely to watch Gravity a second time. Of course it’s visually stunning, so see it in the cinema or don’t bother seeing it at all.

It feels wrong because the “dark night of the soul” (screenwriters and other plotters will know this term) is more…odd/whimsical. Yes, the situation is dark, but the details are borderline cheesy. Film critic David Stratton notes, “there’s a scene in the second half that should never have been included and which brought unintended laughs from the audience when I saw it…it broke the spell. It was sort of corny and it wasn’t of a peace with the rest of the film and that was a shame…”

I really like Gravity (4 or 4.5 stars), but don’t entirely love it, and it’s because I wasn’t emotionally involved at all. Perhaps all my feels were used on Rush the day before, but I finished the film without a tear shed. I connect with the film in my head, but not in spirit. So I’ve missed the complete experience that other viewers had. Feel a bit empty now.

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