[REVIEW] Fingersmith – Sarah Waters

Sarah Waters
Penguin Riverhead (US: 1st October 2002); Hachette Little, Brown Virago (UK: 3rd February 2003; AU: August 2005)
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On Goodreads, I’d put out a call for recommendations: “Your favourite novels set in mental asylums. Particularly those with electroshock, lobotomies, and other extreme therapies, but I’m up for whatever.” With this in mind, and also knowing of my enthusiasm for Gothics, Lila Veen recommended Sarah Waters’ Fingersmith. And here we are.

Hard to talk about this book without spoilers, so let’s be deliberately vague. Indeed, the spoilers are the most fascinating parts of the story, so you’ll have to trust me on this. I came in expecting a Gothic historical with an asylum. I got that and more!

Deception, betrayal, family secrets, villainy (the villain even calls it that), Gothic, asylum, and Mr. Lilly’s business – they combine for a cracker of a read. I jolly well recommend it for those interested in any of the above mentioned elements. Enjoy!


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