[REVIEW] The Campaign – Elizabeth Karre

Elizabeth Karre
The Campaign (The Opportunity)
Lerner Darby Creek (US: 1st August 2013)
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Circa 100 pages is short for a YA novel, so I figured this was digital-first or self-published. But it’s actually from Lerner’s Darby Creek imprint, for “emerging, striving and reluctant readers”. Which explains why the story is so brief – I feel it needs fleshing out. Destiny Davis is a great character, though: likes choir and accounting, works in a fast-food place to help her mother pay the bills, and looks after her younger brother. When she notices the school’s budget cuts, she investigates the case, and publishes her findings in the school newspaper. Her article catches the attention of political blog Polichat, who grants Destiny a summer internship. And there’s something fishy about the latest mayoral campaign…


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