[REVIEW] Entwined with You – Sylvia Day

Sylvia Day
Entwined with You (Crossfire, Book 3)
Penguin (US, CA & AU: 4th June 2013; UK: 6th June 2013)
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SPOILER WARNING: This review contains spoilers for all three novels in the Crossfire series thus far. For book-specific spoilers, check Bared to You and Entwined with You.

TRIGGER WARNING: Sexual abuse, suicide, miscarriage.

First, let’s start by addressing the FAQ – the Google searches visitors made to get to my WordPress:

Does Eva Tramell get pregnant? Not unless you count when she was younger and her stepbrother raped her, and she became pregnant and miscarried. But that was then.

Did Gideon Cross kill Nathan Barker? Yes, he did.

Who raped Gideon Cross? His therapist’s assistant, when he was younger.

Why does Gideon Cross have nightmares? Because his therapist’s assistant raped him when he was younger.

Who is Magdalene in Bared to You? One of Gideon’s exes.

Why did Gideon break up with Eva? To protect her, or himself, from police suspicion while they investigate the murder of Nathan Barker.

What happened in Eva Tramell’s past? See above about “pregnant”.

Does Sylvia Day always have an HEA? Not sure, but she’s said that Eva and Gideon will be together at the end of this series. Which is “happy” if you want them together. But I don’t.

In Reflected in You, does Gideon rape Eva while they are sleeping? No, but he comes close to it.

Why does Gideon Cross have sex in his sleep? He has atypical sexual parasomnia. See above about “nightmares”.

A general oversight of Entwined with You: It definitely suffers from middle-book syndrome. Whilst Reflected in You revolved around the theme “would you kill for love?” this novel doesn’t seem cohesive like that. I guess the closest it comes to is focusing on pregnancy – two different characters are pregnant, and neither of them are Eva.

A number of threads are started and dropped, perhaps to be continued in future instalments. This contributes to the very soap opera feel of this particular book, but also the series as a whole. Crossfire doesn’t work as a romance (I don’t want Eva and Gideon to end up together) or a Gothic (no one’s broken both the others’ legs and kept them trapped in the attic so they can’t escape), but it works best as a soap opera wherein you don’t really like any of the characters though you’re still interested to find out what happens. These started-and-discarded subplots include Gideon being sued (a result of the Bared to You scene I imagine soundtracked by Flight of the Conchords’ “Too Many Dicks on the Dance Floor”), the Russian mob, Megumi’s disappearance, and a sex tape.

And now onto the specifics of Entwined with You (taken from my Goodreads status updates because I’m lazy):

Copyedit fail: “…stepping carefully into me… Please revise. As it is, it sounds like Gideon is entering Eva’s cootch with his foot. And I don’t think this book is that kinky.

“And you said warning someone about ridiculous behaviour isn’t an excuse for it.” Yeah, you SAY this, Eva, but you still let him get away with it. How about turning off that geotracked phone and disposing of it, and BREAK UP WITH YOUR PSYCHO BF? But that would be logical. *headdesk*

Tez is slow: Finally figured out why Brett’s band is called Six-Ninths instead of Two-Thirds. 69! Yes, I only just figured that out now, because I am that stupid, and I was more focused on the crap fractions instead of thinking with the smutty part of my brain first. *facepalm* Also, for reasons unknown I’m picturing Brett Kline as Bret Michaels, and Six-Ninths as Poison. This is funny, not sexy.

“And what burrowed up your anal cavity and rotted?” The punchline to that joke is obviously GIDEON’S ROTTEN WANG!

“And I’ve half a mind to sue you for invasion of privacy.” So you’d sue your mother, but not your lover for stalking you and having you followed. Because you think with your cootch and not your brain.

New to my lexicon: “Sacking”. Hilarious, but hilariously awkward.

We couldn’t let an innocent person go to prison. But you have no qualms about wasting police resources. The killer is here the whole time (Gideon), and the cops could be investigating other cases if you TURNED YOURSELF IN, DAMN IT!

Holy feck, Six-Ninths’ “Golden” filmclip is filled with every rock ballad cliché ever. Reminds me of Bon Jovi’s “Always”, Hinder’s two songs (that band faded into obscurity rather swiftly), and Stewie Griffin’s video to go with Bryan Adams’ “Everything I Do (I Do It for You)” audio. It just sounds hilariously bad. Eva notes, “I couldn’t believe how personal the video was.” She doesn’t recognise clichés. She’s dim.

“Eva. Stop.” He panted. “I can’t. Don’t.” Because Gideon has no safeword, you’d figure the part I just quoted would suffice. But Eva doesn’t stop. If a man did it, there’d be so much outrage, but because Eva’s a woman, people seem to think that’s okay? WTF?! It’s still sexual assault, no matter which gender does it. STOP MEANS STOP. DON’T MEANS DON’T.

4 responses to “[REVIEW] Entwined with You – Sylvia Day

  1. Thanks for the summary!! Now I dont need to read the book. it is so badly written, and I just wanted to know what happend!

  2. Agree with Lena. Thanks for saving my time.. so dissapointed with previous book.. a great summary and assessment of characters. 🙂

  3. I have read all your books and I’ve read them more than once. They are also all very well wrighten and I can’t wait to read One With You. Sylvia Day please keep righting more crossfire series.

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