Holy Blog Stats, Batman!

Hey, y’all.

I don’t usually check my blog stats more than once a day. Until June 18th, when I overtook my previous highest page views (400-and-something) for one day. Now my best ever is 752. Certainly surprised me.

The most popular post, however impersonal, by far was Why a One-Star Review Should NOT be a Matter for the Police, after being linked here.

And in case you missed my follow-up post, which I shared not long after my first: Allow Me to Rectify…. Therein, I revealed I was grouped as one of the “#abusers/#bullies” (yes, including the hashtags – in a BLOG post, not on Twitter/Facebook). I was informed “your blog is shameful and incorrect”. I was incorrect on one count (location – got Lancaster and Leicester confused, which was totally my fault, and I amended that). But “shameful”? I forgot all about that soon enough, because apparently my reputation had gone in a very strange direction…

In late May, a friend was informed that I was “under investigation as part of an international gang”. Which is especially strange, considering no police or legal channels have contacted me. To this day, I find the notification more absurd than anything else. It’s actually kind of funny, and has become a joke in my circles. Because if I’m “part of an international gang”, then certainly anyone who chooses to associate with me therefore has links to the criminal underworld. I notified my Followers, so they could decide for themselves if they should avoid me. I don’t decide anything for anyone – I simply present information, and they do with that as they wish.

Now, I expect most of these new blog visitors were just here to read up on me, and that’s totally fine. And for new folk who’ve decided to stick around and subscribe to my various places on the Internet – welcome! I’m actually quite boring and mild-mannered, except for the occasional rant. (I’m a grumpy old woman.) I have questionable taste in music. I have a questionable sense of humour. And I read a lot of books, but only review them when I could be arsed. (I post all my star-ratings on Goodreads, though.)

Make new friends, but keep the old. Unless they’re an abuser, bully, or part of an international gang πŸ˜‰




4 responses to “Holy Blog Stats, Batman!

  1. Congrats on hitting 752, that’s an excellent number! πŸ™‚

    You’re still my favorite gangster.

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