Allow Me to Rectify…

Hi. I’m Tez Miller. You may know me best from this post: For the #abusers/#bullies in Australia and yes we have one in Victoria, #OneVoice is helping your national suicide helpline, Lifeline Australia not to mention White Ribbon Australia – Please Tez Miller leave us alone and allow us to do our work, your blog is shameful and incorrect and I need to point out that I am not sure where you get Leicester Police from I live in Bolton, Manchester.

This was in response to my post. And I did write something incorrect: I got Leicester and Lancashire confused. I was wrong, and I’m genuinely sorry about it. Eve Thomas has informed me that she LIVES in Bolton but works WITH the Lancashire Police, and I admit any geographical misunderstandings are my fault. My apologies to you all for my confusion.

Also, there may have been more going on than a simple one-star review that prompted her to contact the police, but I’ve not been privy to those conversations. So I may have oversimplified the matter, through lack of knowledge. Sorry I misled you.

She may have also been referring to the company I keep, or the people who contact me. Feel free to check my Friends lists if you’d like to know more. My Tweets and Facebook statuses and my Goodreads activity is all public, so you can investigate and make informed decisions.

Anyhoo, I chose to alert my readers about this matter, because you have the right to know that I am one of these “#abusers/#bullies” in Victoria. Should you choose to Unfriend, Unfollow, and Unsubscribe from any and all of my places on the Internet, that is completely your prerogative, and you are free.

In my offending post, I wrote: If you want to support a charity, simply go directly to them. I stand by that. Here are the web addresses for Lifeline Australia and White Ribbon Australia so you can donate to them directly:

And if you plan to donate to an American charity, I strongly recommend your starting point be Charity Navigator: Charity Navigator, America’s leading independent charity evaluator, works to advance a more efficient and responsive philanthropic marketplace by evaluating the Financial Health and Accountability and Transparency of 6,000 of America’s largest charities. Learn about your chosen charity, then proceed.

Researching the #OneVoice hashtag that Eve Thomas often Tweets, #OneVoice appears to be part of the One Wish Foundation. They list #OneVoice under the “Give Without Giving” headline, but you can Do Something Yourself by registering with the website.

I’m not familiar with the Eve Thomas Foundation. But it has a Facebook page. You’ll have to do your own research. Sorry; I tried my best.

Soon, I will be blogging – or guest-blogging – about reviews, and how to, or not to, interpret them. It’ll be a guide for authors to figure out which reviews to read (if at all), and whether to engage the reviewer in a dialogue or not (probably not). Not just reviews, but social media, too. Will be covering the topics of spamming, constructive criticism, helpful/unhelpful, abuse/trolling, and whatever else comes to mind. Education is the best key to prevent “Authors Behaving Badly”.


Tez Miller
She of the “shameful and incorrect” blog
One of the “#abusers/#bullies”


5 responses to “Allow Me to Rectify…

  1. She is an abuser. I asked her a simple question because I was curious about the women who contributed to the book because many books I know list the contributors. Eve accused me of asking her to reveal identities. And she went all crazy on me. She even DARED to call me an abuser. I was so upset, I deleted my Twitter account because I felt so threatened by her behavior. She accused me of contacting bullies. I didn’t even know what she was talking about. All I did was reply to a tweet on her timeline which was free to reply to, right? And then she claimed she blocked me. She couldn’t have. I had deleted my account by that time already. She is lying. And I am so upset. She says she speaks for victims of dv but as such a victim I can assure you she is an abuser herself hiding behind a mask. She is dangerous. And I am scared for my life.

  2. You’ll always be my favorite gangster Tez! 😀

    I’m sorry this author is picking on you and I appreciate both your willingness to tackle inappropriate behavior as well as your ability to own up when you make a mistake. Don’t stop!

  3. Hiya i am also a victim of eves sordid lies and abuse i have emails off her threatening me then deleting her comments so it looks like its me and making false profiles on facebook this women is dangerous and for so many people following her is very worrying this woman has been on the sick for 26 years complaining she has a bad heart and is now climbing mountains wtf is that about and i know eve very very well and she is evil and twisted and has bullied me for years

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