[REVIEW] Forbidden Fruit – Ann Aguirre

Ann Aguirre
Forbidden Fruit (Novella)
Ann Aguirre (US: 8th May 2013)
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Sometimes in fiction there’s nothing more disappointing than a good series gone bad. I really enjoyed the first two Corine Solomon novels, loved reading about Mexico, enjoyed Corine and Chance, Chuch and Eva. Never really connected with Shannon. And Jesse didn’t have any flaws, so he was a bit boring.

After those first two books, the series went downhill. It jumped the shark. I don’t mind when authors write series-changing plots, but I do have an issue when I don’t like the new direction.

Still, I couldn’t resist picking up Forbidden Fruit from NetGalley. And it’s okay. Not great, but not bad. Admittedly it’s more paranormal romance than urban fantasy, so that probably made me like it less. Not that I’m against romance per se, but I am when the characters become less interesting once they hook up. And before they hook up, Shannon sexually harasses Jesse a lot, but because this is a romance, supposedly us readers aren’t supposed to have a problem with it.


2 responses to “[REVIEW] Forbidden Fruit – Ann Aguirre

  1. Is this a spin-off from the Corine Solomon series? Does this mean Corine ended up with Chance? (I stopped reading because I don’t handle love triangles well. :D)

    • Yeah, I think they’re still together. But she shags Kel Ferguson in Book 3 or 4. Whichever one when they go to Machu Picchu. Which is a shame, because I like Corine with Chance.

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