Stealth Missions and Other Rants

The M. Leighton situation I blogged about yesterday was just weird. Not offensive; it just didn’t make sense why someone would pull a high-selling book from purchase, except in the cases of authors being sued, wanting to do another edit (which really should’ve been done before publication), or – in what I believe is likely the case for M. Leighton – a publicity stunt to make a lot of sales very quickly. Which wouldn’t bother me if M. Leighton was honest and upfront about what might be publicity stunt intentions.

The Kendall Grey situation is much more common: Author blogs. Blog readers backlash. Author blames blog readers for misinterpreting and taking the post out of context.

The original guest post, which the host later removed:

And if you don’t understand WHY there was backlash: Reality 301 with Heidi Cullinan Lauren Dane Discusses Art, Publishing Trash and Writing What You Want How to Judge Readers and Alienate People

Check out this by Kendall Grey from 9th May: She doesn’t seem to understand that people have a beef with the blog post, not with the book. Sure, people are down-rating their reviews now they’ve read the post, but if she doesn’t care what people think, why is she getting all-caps about it?

Also from 9th May: Key quote: “It’s the Goodreads motherfuckers who can’t read.” Maybe we can’t read books or warnings, but we can read her comments.

So yes, this is another author getting cranky because her book’s getting low ratings. Blaming the readers for not understanding her “art”? Like we haven’t heard that one before.

Kendall Grey’s response to the backlash. Key quote: “I don’t write for liars, thieves, and bullies. I write for honest readers who value a good story and a fun voice – those who are willing to look beyond a post that was misinterpreted and taken out of its original context.” So it’s not an apology, not even a fauxpology. She seems to believe it’s the readers’ fault for misinterpreting the post and taking it out of its original context. Basically, the “it’s not me; it’s you” defence.

Not sure when this was posted, but she wrote in a Facebook group (likely the Hard Rock Harlots group): I don’t think she understands what trolls are. And one person can’t ruin a career, unless that person is the author. These “trolls” are just presenting information so that potential readers can make up their own minds.

But what’s most interesting is the “stealth mission”. She needs “some things done anonymously”. People blame “trolls” and “bullies” for hiding behind a computer screen, but she’s actually encouraging it. For a supposedly ballsy author, where’s the “Mighty Womancock of Truth” in that?

But you can read the screencaps and make up your own mind.

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