8 New Deals (Crewe, Hoover, Jones, Kittredge, Littlefield, McGarry, Ryan, Vincent)

Megan Crewe‘s Earth & Sky to Amazon Children’s Publishing’s Skyscape imprint (World English rights, excluding Canada) and Penguin Razorbill Canada in a three-book deal. Publication beginning in 2014. A romantic sci-fi adventure about a girl who discovers that visitors from beyond the stars have been altering Earth’s history, and she teams up with an alien rebel to save the world as she knows it.

Colleen Hoover‘s two stand-alones to Atria for publication in 2014. Maybe Someday is a New Adult contemporary romance, about an intense relationship carried on via text messaging. The other book is Ugly Love.

Darynda Jones has sold three more Charley Davidson novels.

Caitlin Kittredge‘s Black Dog, the first in a new urban fantasy series. A century-old Hellhound must serve her reaper boss by collecting souls. A necromancer approaches her with a plan for revenge.

Sophie Littlefield‘s Down in the Moon Pool to Gallery (NA) and Head of Zeus (UK). Two young men from the North Dakota oil fields go missing, and their mothers must bridge the class divide and form an uneasy alliance to discover the truth behind their disappearance, amidst the desolate and hostile landscape of man camps.

Katie McGarry four-book new series to Harlequin Teen (World). The first book (for publication in 2014), is pitched as West Side Story meets Sons of Anarchy. A teen boy brought up in the rough and tumble world of motorcycle clubs finds love with a girl raised outside of this world, when he’s tasked with not only protecting her for the summer she visits her father (the leader of the group), but also with preventing her from learning the truth about her father’s past and the gang he used to lead.

Carrie Ryan‘s Turnabout (2015) in a two-book, World English deal to Dutton Children’s. YA romantic thriller Turnabout follows a young woman who is thrust into a web of intrigue in a dangerous campaign to avenge her parents’ murders.

Rachel Vincent‘s two urban fantasies, Anathema and Pandemonia, to Delacorte Press (North American rights) for publication in 2015. A 16-year-old girl discovers not only that the Church is run by demons and she is one of the very few who can exorcise them, but also that she must join forces with other rogue exorcists to save her younger sister and, ultimately, humanity.

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