[REVIEW] Steeplechase – Krissy Kneen

Krissy Kneen
Text Publishing (AU: 20th March 2013)
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I’ve been fortunate enough to read all three of Krissy Kneen’s books (minus her first, Swallow the Sound, which none of the libraries in my consortium have) within a month or so, but now that I’ve binged on them, there aren’t any more. I haven’t even heard word of her next book.

I’ve read quite a few erotic memoirs in the past year, but Krissy Kneen’s Affection stands above them all with its quality writing, sense of humour, and lack of glamorisation. And most of all, a voice that’s so easy to connect with and relate to.

Triptych is a different beast. A collection of three connected erotic novellas, the writing is top-notch, but the subject matter is disturbing above all else. I guess the most relatable character is Susanna, until she takes to stealing her neighbours’ mail, breaks into (okay, it was unlocked) someone’s flat, and pisses in his shoes. Spoiler alert 😉

But the author’s first full-length novel, Steeplechase, is an absolute gem that I loved reading. A Gothic tale stretching from Brisbane to Beijing, its story of art, sisters, and madness is both creepy and enthralling, with a lead character that readers will instantly relate to. The writing is beautiful, the subject matter both fascinating and disturbing, and if this isn’t nominated for every writing award possible in Australia, I might declare shenanigans. As far as I know, it’s only sold Australian rights, which is a shame, because I want to shove it in the faces of all my foreign friends and shout, “Read this!” (I’m not usually this psychotic about a book, unless I’m angry about it.) All I know is that I love this novel, and I want everyone else to love it, too.

4 responses to “[REVIEW] Steeplechase – Krissy Kneen

  1. Pretty sure you had me at horses. Haha. Title for the win. My inner child demands that this book go on my to-read list, though I have a suspicion it might not be available in the US. Oooh, yay! Not a think for Australians only. Added to my list!

    • The Kindle Edition is probably geo-restricted to Australia, judging by the price. But Amazon’s listing a print edition due for November. Still says it’s published by Text, so it must be an export (or import, in your case). So you won’t miss out after all – huzzah! 🙂

  2. Hi Tez. I am very happy to send you Swallow the Sound if you would like to complete your reading. Let me know where to send it and I will. Also Steeplechase will come out in the USA via Text Publishing in November. Krissy

    • Thanks so much for contacting me, Krissy. I’ll be emailing you shortly. Very awesome that Text is exporting the book to the world, even if they have to wait until November 😉

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