[REVIEW] Game On – Monica Seles & James LaRosa

Monica Seles & James LaRosa
Game On (The Academy, Book 1)
Bloomsbury (US: 4th June 2013; UK: 6th June 2013; AU: 1st July 2013)
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The Academy is Gossip Girl‘s perfect replacement: glamorous, sporty, and undeniably trashy. Sure, the characters drive me up the walls, though Cleo and Renee are my favourites. And I was hoping for more tennis – matches, competitions, and maybe a discussion about shrieking. (I think it should be eradicated from the sport, because it’s awful. This may sound anti-feminist, but I prefer watching men’s tennis, because at least the men don’t shriek. Was Monica Seles a shrieker? I think she retired before I started paying attention…)

But Game On came into my life when I desperately needed a distraction from my own issues, and it held my interest all the way through. I’m already desperate for Book 2.

3 responses to “[REVIEW] Game On – Monica Seles & James LaRosa

  1. Monica was the ultimate grunter! Ugh, agh, ergh, ahhhh! Lol I was wondering about this book. I like a bit of easy trashy reading (Hello “The Selection” fan here). Might have to request this!

    • Yep, got it from NetGalley. Bloomsbury USA rejected my request, but Bloomsbury UK & Australia accepted 😉

      This may be the kind of book you have to be in the mood for, otherwise it will just piss you off.

  2. Yeah, not sure this would work for me right now – it really looks like one of those mood-specific books!

    (PS I know what you mean about the grunting/shrieking thing – I blame the Eastern European imports in the sport. I swear they started the scary “trend”)

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