Book Discoverability

(The article that sparked this post: “Is the Book Discoverability Bubble Ready to Pop?” by Edward Nawotka, 27th February 2013, Publishing Perspectives)

Here is how I discover new books:

-Keep updated on all the various blogs & social network accounts of authors whose books I like, or am already interested in.

-Keep updated on the free newsletters with books deals. Publishers Marketplace displays a handful once a week. Mostly non-fiction, though. If you want ALL th deals, PM charges US$20 a month or something. Not relevant to me, because I can’t afford it, and even if I could they probably wouldn’t accept PayPal.

-Query Tracker success stories. These are usually when the writers sign with agents, so they may never get book deals, but I sign up to the writers’ accounts to keep updated just in case. I wish QT had a section of the site for ones that have actually landed book deals through these agents…

-Publishers Weekly daily free newsletters. Most, if not all, children/YA titles, so I better look for an adult edition, too.

-Amazon Recommendations. I click “Not Interested” so much, it’s not even funny. Most often the books I’m sort-of interested in remain there, neither “Not Interested” nor added to the wishlist.

-Goodreads Recommendations. Same as above.

-Then there’s keeping an eye on Goodreads Friends’ feeds, and blogs.

-NetGalley & Edelweiss catalogues. Chances are I’ll get rejected anyway because I’m not from the right country or don’t have enough visitors. (I don’t have giveaways or interviews. Just me, my reviews, cover art & release dates. Rarely ever guest posts.)

In short, Bookish and whatnot aren’t relevant to me. And apps don’t work because I don’t have a smart phone or tablet. I’m not a Luddite; just poor 😉


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