5 New Deals (DeStefano, Gaither, Lippert-Martin, Miller, Reilly)

Lauren DeStefano‘s The Internment Chronicles (North American & audio) to Simon & Schuster. A utopian series set on Internment, a floating island in the clouds. Perfect Ruin due for publication April 2014. Two short story eBooks will also be published.

Stefanie Gaither‘s Falls the Shadow (2014) to Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers.

Kristen Lippert-Martin‘s Tabula Rasa (2014) to Egmont (World English). In this contemporary YA thriller, a 16-year-old girl held in an isolated research hospital undergoes a forced experimental treatment to erase all recollection of her past. But when the procedure goes awry, she must face off against mercenaries sent to eliminate her once and for all.

Mary Miller‘s untitled debut novel. A teenage girl embarks on a road trip with her rapidly unravelling family, towards what her father promises will be the rapture and the end of the world.

Cyn Balog writing as Nichola Reilly‘s Dream Kingdom to Harlequin Teen in a 2-book deal. Set in a future flooded world. The heroine and her island people must all climb onto a precarious platform at high tide or be swept away and drowned – or worse, attacked by deadly ocean predators – and the secrets kept by the ruling class may be the end of their dwindling society.

8 responses to “5 New Deals (DeStefano, Gaither, Lippert-Martin, Miller, Reilly)

  1. Oooh, I love that you gather these up!

    Perfect Ruin sounds like a hot mess.

    Tabula Rasa sounds like it could be potentially awesome…or make no sense at all.

    Didn’t Cyn Balog quit writing? O_o

    • I haven’t read a utopian novel before. “False utopia”, yes, because they’re revealed to be dystopians. I’ve really liked the Chemical Garden trilogy thus far (mad science!), though I haven’t read SEVER yet (have reserved a library copy, but it hasn’t arrived yet). Interesting to see what Lauren DeStefano does with this.

      Different publisher and different sub-genre (dystopian/futuristic rather than contemporary paranormal), thus Cyn Balog’s gone for a pseudonym. Fair enough, because I’m not really interested in the stuff under her own name, except for the last two (TOUCHED and DEAD RIVER, though I’ve read neither yet).

  2. Cool. Love that you give these updates!

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