[REVIEW] Beta – Rachel Cohn

Rachel Cohn
Hyperion (US: 16th October 2012)
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Very strange but pleasant – this is my second five-star read in a row. This rarely happens, but I’m delighted.

Beta‘s spoilers should be keep to a minimum, because there are so many awesome twists and turns. In short: the clones seem more like androids (except for [spoiler redacted]): programmable, and whose purpose is to serve.

It’s hard to like the characters, but they’re very entertaining. I rather like Tahir’s understatement, but that will probably change. I hope Elysia doesn’t hook up with Alex. Would love to learn more about Dr Lusardi.

The outstanding depth of world-building includes vining, Firsts, Betas, Awfuls, Defects, FantaSpheres, ‘raxia, and all the beautiful scenery. Demesne is a stunning setting, and the story as a whole has a vivid colourscape. Fuchsia and violet feature heavily, as do botanicals. Biome City also sounds fascinating, so hopefully we’ll get to experience it in the next novel. (Emergent, 15th October 2013.)


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