Reading = Fatiguing, Irrelevant (to me) Fandoms, & Music

It didn’t take long, but I’m already feeling a difference without my laptop and its Internet at my beck and call.

It could be just me getting old (mid-twenties), but I can’t just read books on the couch all day like I used to. Maybe it’s because usually my print book reading is done in bed, before sleep. (Also, whilst binge-eating, but I don’t have any chips.)

My attention is shot. I just can’t focus for so long. I can get a few chapters read, but then I have to re-read sentences because my eye skips to the wrong line.

I need to nap.

During the day I’ve been reading in front of the telly. I had to put my book aside and nap during the gridiron on Sunday, and during the tennis on Monday night. This is bad. Because if I nap, it may affect my sleep at night. And as someone who’s had a lot of sleep-onset insomnia problems in the past, this is not good. I was only out for maybe twenty minutes, but still.

So when I woke up at the end of the second set, I had cake and drank a bottle of water. Then I was able to read the last five pages of the novel.

As someone who’s put on weight in the last year or so, the last thing I need is to consume extra things to keep myself awake. (Regarding the binge-eating thing I mentioned early, I only binge. I do not purge. Nausea and vomiting just feels awful; I don’t know how alkies, preggos and disorders can stand it.)

On another note, I’ve noticed a shift in my thinking: I’ve been composing blog posts in my head. Which sounds like the nerdiest thing, I know. It’s weird, how without the “must Internet now” impulse, I may have become more…contemplative. I hesitate to write that, because if I read that on someone else’s blog, I’d consider it a massive pile of wank. And yes, when I write it, I also consider it a massive pile of wank. No double-standards here πŸ˜‰

I do have daylight access to the PC and its Internet yesterday (Monday), today (Tuesday) and tomorrow (Wednesday), so I won’t miss out on my weekly list-checking. I am nerdily obsessive when it comes to my lists; they make me feel in control, reassure me that I’m not missing out on any news. I happily skip reading Twitter in favour of list-checking. I don’t consider it a loss, because most of Monday’s Tweets probably involved the Golden Globes, in which I have no interest. Animated comedies are basically all the scripted television I watch. Otherwise it’s sport, and stuff like The Gruen Transfer and The Amazing Race. And Father Ted repeats πŸ˜‰

So I have no interest in Dr Who, Downton Abbey or The Vampire Diaries. I watch maybe one film a year, if that. This could be why I’m not big on people using Tumblr for blogging. Because when they’re not posting original content (which they don’t often do, anyway), they seem to be reposting stuff regarding their fandoms (of which I have no interest) from other people’s Tumblrs. SEEMINGLY. GENERALLY. (I adore you, but we’ll have to agree to disagree on this issue πŸ˜‰ )

I need to convert some WMAs into MP3s, then I have a great new offline task: listen to all the albums I’ve bought (or borrowed from the library) recently but haven’t listened to yet. 10 of them, but I’m expecting two more from the library soon. Some of it is trash. Some of me is trash πŸ˜‰


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