Laptop of Death

The laptop has issued the “will no longer charge via power point” death message.

There are three other machines in the house.
-The PC in the back room is too far away for the wi-fi to connect, but is fine for offline stuff.
-The PC in the main bedroom is shared, but I’ll be able to use it for the Internet, but far less. Only the days when someone is at work. Which is maybe twice a week, or less if he gets sacked/quits, which is likely.
-The work dude’s tiny laptop. I don’t like to ask for stuff, but I may ask to use it on days when work dude is home.

So basically I’ll be on the Internet a whole lot less. Which means I’ll no longer be able to keep up with Twitter. May still be able to keep up with Facebook, so be sure to mention anything important (you’ve sold to a publisher, signed with an agent, coming to Melbourne) there.

But really, I declare PLEASE YOUR BLOGS, AND PLEASE UPDATE THEM WHENEVER SOMETHING IMPORTANT HAPPENS. Because thanks to GoogleReader, I WILL be able to keep up with blogs. Unless your Tumblr is your blog. In which case, DON’T USE YOUR TUMBLR FOR YOUR BLOG. Pictures of stuff you like isn’t important; stuff you do IS. And Tumblr is terribly unfriendly when it comes to commenting.

And perhaps most unfortunately of all, NetGalley will be out. They have some wacky rule that means you can only read a download on the device with which you downloaded it. Because of expiry-dates, or whatever. Which means Kindle for PC is out, too, because it requires Internet for “cloud” or something.

Which means if I’m ever going to read an eBook, it must be a PDF without DRM or expiry dates. And I can only purchase with PayPal, which leaves out every book store, I think. (When it comes to purchasing eBooks, that is – I can still buy print books on BookDepository.)

There is one benefit of this whole schemozzle – I’ll get more print reading done. And hopefully offsell what I finish onto eBay, and hopefully people will buy them. Very big “hopefully”, though – can’t rely on people for anything.

So that’s the lowdown. If you need to contact me, email should be your first port of call – TezMillerOz at gmail dot com

Tez Miller
Reader. Reviewer. Blogger.
Urban Fantasy & Futuristic


6 responses to “Laptop of Death

  1. Nooooooo! Whimpering in sympathy for you re the lack of internet-ness 😦 And as much as I have embraced eBooks, I still love my print books. Long may they reign. (And please may I have another bookshelf for my birthday???) Oh, hang on a sec while I check something….
    Yep. All Romance eBooks now has a PayPal payment option, so all is not lost (well, unless the publisher hasn’t put out a PDF version of the book you want).

    • Ooh, thanks for the heads-up!

      And good thing my FREAKS IN THE CITY eBook is a PDF without expiry – very grateful to you for that. I may actually get it read without the Internet to distract me 😉

      • I hear you, girl. I hate it when the ebooks I buy are DRMed. (Mind you it’s worse when they’re regionally restricted so that I can’t buy them at all because I’m *gasp* not American.) And as for the major PITA that is having to download Adobe Digital Editions and get it all set up to read certain PDFs. The only saving grace is Bluefire Reader, which links to Adobe DE and allows me to read those books via Bluefire on my iPhone. You know, that’s one good thing about print books: just yank one from the shelf and open the cover. No mucking around *g* Mind you, it doesn’t tend to end well if they go for an accidental dip in the bath….

  2. My laptop was giving me a similar message, I bought a new charger and all was good

  3. Probably! (Would it help if the only reason I ended up reading eBooks on my phone was because my laptop was so old it took 10 minutes to power up? True story. The thing’s like an old Ford truck — refuses die.)

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