[REVIEW] Rayessa and the Space Pirates – Donna Maree Hanson

Donna Maree Hanson
Rayessa and the Space Pirates
Harlequin Escape (AU: 10th January 2013)
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My first read from Harlequin Australia’s digital-only (or digital-first) Escape Publishing, and it’s seriously dodgy. This YA sci-fi starts off well, but becomes more and more cringe-worthy as the story progresses. The characters become more annoying. Many different story ideas, but not enough depth on any of them to truly connect. The whole story is rushed, and reads more like a middle-grade, mainly because the narrator needs to grow up. One would’ve thought she’d have grown up pretty fast on the space outpost with only a brain-damaged adult for company. But the more she joins the outside world, the more she grates.

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