[REVIEW] Pivot Point – Kasie West

Kasie West
Pivot Point
HarperCollins Teen (AU: 1st February 2013; US & CA: 12th February 2012)
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The publisher’s official copy states that Addie Coleman is a Searcher, but the more accurate term is Divergent. You would’ve thought the copywriter could’ve got it correct, or maybe HarperCollins is deliberately distancing this book from Veronica Roth’s Divergent. Which is also published by HarperCollins. Hmm.

Marketed as a YA sci-fi, for the most part Kasie West’s Pivot Point seems like light contemporary chick lit. And at the start it seems rather middle grade – parents divorcing, with the protag trying to decide with whom to live. To stay with her psi abilities Compound, or out with Norms. And so Addie looks into both futures.

Let it be known that the last fifty pages or so are bloody awesome and genuinely thrilling. Because, finally, the story takes itself seriously. No longer just about choosing a boyfriend or spying on a high school football team – the plot suddenly remembers that a teenage girl is dead, supposedly a suicide, but the Compound investigators suspect she was being controlled at the time. With the cutesy faff out of the way (and there is a lot of it, which brings down Pivot Point‘s quality), the story can properly shine. But overall it’s a case of too little too late.

Also, I iterate AGAIN that I’m fed up with authors mentioning specific texts in their novels that coincidentally have something to do with the theme. In this case it’s Charles Dickens’ A Tale of Two Cities. STOP IT, AUTHORS! We’ve been over this.

2 responses to “[REVIEW] Pivot Point – Kasie West

  1. Hm. I do have this one in the TBR and am looking forward to it. A little sad to hear the action only really picks up at the end.

    • It’s okay, if you enjoy cutesy faff. I’m in the minority, since I only gave it 3 stars, and the Goodreads average is 4.44 (well, it was last night). Your opinion could very well differ from mine 😉

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