11th December 2012 Releases

Happy Release Day to:

Dani Worth
Catalyst (Kithran Regenesis, Book 2)
Samhain (US: 11th December 2012)
Buy (US)

Vala Gorun’s family was off Kithra when the explosions happened. She’s thrilled to be back on her home planet helping with the rebuild, but something she saw all those years ago still haunts her. She hires Jarana, the Tracker, to find the human man she’d loved – one she thinks betrayed her in the worst possible way. Jarana’s search sets off alarms, alerting Jackson Canfield. He sends space pirates to kidnap the Tracker. They grab Vala and a young Gwinarian man instead. Vala finds herself trapped with Bastian Sithbrun, who she finds ridiculously attractive but believes is too young for her. It’s not so much his age, it’s his nature. Gentle, focused and obviously crushing on her. She feels jaded from her years of rebelling after her world had been destroyed. But something about the twenty-year-old gets to her. When they’re dropped on a deserted planet, the irony is not lost on her when she discovers they are now unwilling guests of the very man she’d driven crazy with her teen crush all those years ago. Learning Jackson has been in hiding, working to right a horrible wrong, changes everything. So does the knowledge that Bastian’s painful past is tied into the mess. Can the three work together to help expose those responsible for Kithra’s destruction without breaking each others’ hearts?

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