[REVIEW] The Plague Carrier – Merrie Destefano

Merrie Destefano
The Plague Carrier
Merrie Destefano (US: 27th June 2012)
Buy (US)

Merrie Destefano’s The Plague Carrier may be advertised as post-apocalyptic, but think it’s more post-war. Actually, the war is still kind of continuing. A Civil War has divided USA into the East (of the Mississippi) and the West. Anna is in the West, but wants to get to the East. But she’s currently a slave, a Cleaner who pries valuables from corpses.

A boy arrives in the settlement searching for his birth father, but he won’t do it alone. He has the perfect bargaining tool: the plague in a flask hanging from his neck. This is biological warfare just waiting to happen.

The setting/world-building is intriguing, and I’d like to know how it came to be.


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