[REVIEW] The Final Wish – Tracey O’Hara

Tracey O’Hara
The Final Wish
Macmillan Momentum (AU: 1st November 2012)
Buy (US) Buy (UK)

I don’t like how nowadays “erotic” simply means “graphic sex”. To me, erotica should be closer to psychological suspense than romance, but hey – this is why I’m not a writer; just a reader.

Maybe it’s the short form, but the story’s length (or lack thereof) means there’s not nearly enough conflict or character development. Caleb has more depth than Ishari, though – she’s more a symbolic dream woman rather than a true character.

Australian romance writers seem to be on a successful rock-star hero kick as of late – see works by Lexxie Couper and Jess Dee. The Final Wish goes along with this trend, but Tracey O’Hara makes the fictional band’s success more believable by having it as the result of a Djinn granting a wish. Unfortunately, this tactic is used to solve the major problem of Caleb’s self-destructive brother. That pat ending was just too much, and further proof why I believe epilogues should be scrapped.

Tracey O’Hara’s best work is her Dark Brethren series. The Final Wish just seems flat in comparison.

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