[REVIEW] Release Me – J. Kenner

J. Kenner
Release Me
Random House Bantam (US & CA: 1st January 2013)
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If you’re looking for a new and innovative read, you’ve come to the wrong place. Put short, J. Kenner’s Release Me seems like fan fiction for Sylvia Day’s Bared to You, which seems like fan fiction for E. L. James’ Fifty Shades of Grey, which seems like fan fiction for Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight. You read that correct: fan fiction of fan fiction of fan fiction. How original. Revolutionary.

Rather than the insulting “mummy porn”, let’s be nicer and call this “corporate kink”. You know the drill: psychologically damaged female is seduced / stalked by a ridiculously-wealthy good-looking dude who owns everything, controls her and the people around her. And the chick is okay with this, because in fiction women are stupid enough to believe stalking is romantic. No, it’s not. But it is to these fecked-up characters. So whenever I see readers swoon over so-called “heroes” like this, I judge those readers.

Getting pretty sick of the “abused boy grows up to be sexually dominant kinkster” trope.

So does Release Me have anything new to add to the corporate kink genre? Damien’s paying Nikki a million dollars to pose nude for art, and he gets to “own” her until the art is complete. “Own” includes sexually. Private (rather than brothel/streetwalker) prostitution is the new romance? Nikki has a nutso beauty pageant mum. Nikki’s supposed to be into science and technology…but the only jobs she seems to be offered are those that are linked to Damien’s many corporate endeavours, so I kind of doubt her abilities.

Oh, and there are far too many loose threads, and it turns out this is Book 1 in a trilogy. But this had barely had any plot! Surely every plot and subplot could’ve fit into one book, or even two. But you gotta milk that cash cow…

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