[REVIEW] Blood Bond – Sophie Littlefield

Sophie Littlefield
Blood Bond
Simon & Schuster Pocket Star (US & CA: 20th November 2012) [eBook only]

I don’t read much crime anymore, but I’ve read Sophie Littlefield’s paranormal novels, so I took up Edelweiss’ free read of Blood Bond.

Police procedural, rich folk, black sheep – so far so unremarkable. But lead character Joe Bashir reeled me in immediately, relatable and likeable. And he’s hot. Usually when publisher’s summaries mention a “sexy” character, I scoff, but this time it’s warranted. Not only that, but the publisher respects Joe Bashir enough to NOT give him a mantitty cover. Albeit it’s kind of a nothing of a cover instead, but this is from Simon & Schuster’s digital-first – or digital-only – imprint. So why is this decent, well-written novel with an appealing lead character NOT in hard copy? Then again, the publishing industry has made some very strange choices recently that make me cringe.

But you should definitely give Blood Bond a go, and find a new character to love.

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