[REVIEW] On the Island – Tracey Garvis Graves

Tracey Garvis Graves
On the Island
Penguin (US & CA: 10th July 2012; AU: 24th July 2012; UK: 16th August 2012)
Buy (US) Buy (UK) Buy (CA) Buy (Worldwide)

Here’s one self-published novel that definitely deserved to get picked up by a major publisher, and luckily it did, otherwise I never would’ve read it. A recommendation from awesome reviewer Katiebabs is another tick in its favour.

Recently I’d read another stranded-at-sea novel (S. A. Bodeen’s The Raft), and Tracey Garvis Graves’ On the Island compares favourably because of the affable characters. It’s a precious rarity – a romance in which I actually want the characters to live happily ever after together. But the ending is far too twee (everyone married with children) for my tastes, downgrading the book from five stars to four.

The island setting and remarkable circumstances form a winning combination, but only time will tell if the author’s storytelling can lead a story set entirely on land to victory. We’ll be watching.

2 responses to “[REVIEW] On the Island – Tracey Garvis Graves

  1. Ah — a promising review on this one from you is definitely a good thing in my opinion. I am interested in this book but have been a bit leery. It’s nice to know that it holds up for a trusted reviewer!

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