4 New Deals (Claremont, Hart, Shepherd, Winnacker)

Máire Claremont‘s The Dark Lady, Dark Kiss, and A Darker Seduction to Signet (World English) for publication beginning February 2013.

Megan Hart‘s Tear You Apart to Mira (World). Contemporary erotica, pitched as 9½ Weeks meets Unfaithful.

Megan Shepherd‘s YA trilogy The Cage to Balzer + Bray (NA). First due out in 2014. Six teens are put in an elaborate “human zoo” by a powerful and psychic otherworldly race known as The Kindred. One girl attempts to escape without falling for her terrifyingly beautiful captor.

Susanne Winnacker‘s Impostor to Razorbill (World English) in a two-book deal. A girl uses her shape-shifting ability to assume the identity of a teenage murder victim, and solve the mystery of a small-town serial killer. Pitched as “X-Men meets The Zodiac Killer”.

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