[REVIEW] The Nightworld – Jack Blaine

Jack Blaine
The Nightworld
HarperCollins (CA: 16th April 2012; US: 24th April 2012)
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I don’t know who “Full Fathom Five, Inc” (the copyright holder) is, but it sounds like a book packager. I don’t like the idea of packagers – makes the books seem more written for business rather than for the love of the story. Thus the stories themselves are often a bit shallow.

Such is the case with The Nightworld. We barely get any details on the interesting stuff (Higgs particles, darkness all the time, the Optimus Prime device, a virus), and instead just get a run-of-the-mill thriller that tries to appeal to the Life As We Knew It crowd, but lacks the depth. It’s very short, so your male teen should speed through it, and the ending is a cliff-hanger, spelling sequel-bait. It’s a fun read, but I really wanted more details on the interesting stuff.

2 responses to “[REVIEW] The Nightworld – Jack Blaine

  1. Your instincts are right. Full Fathom Five is indeed a book packager….and none other than James Frey’s book packaging company.

  2. Yup, Full Fathom Five is a book packager. James Frey’s company, to be precise.

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