[REVIEW] Struck – Jennifer Bosworth

Jennifer Bosworth
Random House Doubleday (UK: 26th April 2012; AU: 1st June 2012); Macmillan Farrar, Straus and Giroux (US: 8th May 2012)
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I’m having trouble deciding where I stand with this book. When I love it, I love it to bits. When it pisses me off, I almost forget that I love the non-pissing-off parts. (And for the record, I was not PMSing whilst reading or reviewing this novel, so my anger is genuine and not hormonally-driven.)

What I love about Struck: Electricity, and lots of it! The idea of cults. Post-disaster setting. Buying medicine on the black market. Danger, danger – high-voltage!

What pisses me off about Struck: Insta-lust that quickly develops into insta-love. Mia finding her stalker hot. SPOILER ALERT! Mia awakens in the night to find someone standing over her with a knife. She dubs him Nightmare Boy. But this is not a dream. And she fancies him, loves him, and in the epilogue roots him. Oh yeah, then there’s the whole “I’ve been dreaming about you for ages, before I met you” element. *headdesk*

Then there’s the matter of brainwashing, which in this novel is some kind of paranormal ability. I would’ve been more interested to read about the regular, non-paranormal craft of brainwashing, the kind you read about in psychology texts. Suddenly Mia likes the Prophet, then is “reawakened” by a kiss to bring her back to her previous way of thinking.

Struck‘s premise is astoundingly awesome, the big White Tent climax is genuinely creepy, and I’m so looking forward to whatever Jennifer Bosworth writes next. Hopefully it’ll have less romance, and more awesome. Meanwhile, I want to read up on the connection between electricity and humans – can you recommend a good text, please?

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