[REVIEW] Starters – Lissa Price

Lissa Price
Starters (Starters, Book 1)
Random House (US & CA: 13th March 2012; AU: 20th March 2012 UK: 29th March 2012)
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This is my favourite kind of sci-fi – set on Earth with a rather contemporary feel, but with some key futuristic elements. Though I don’t really understand the Spore Wars, it makes sense that first the young and the elderly would be vaccinated against it. And so the people who survived are either very rich or very poor, and the poor have to sell their bodies to make money for their families.

Yes, sell their bodies. Nothing sexual, per se, and supposedly nothing illegal. Prime Destinations has the technology to connect an Ender’s brain to a Starter’s body, and wealthy Enders can pay to have their brains temporarily live in the teen donor’s body. Only now Prime Destinations is planning for permanency, virtually ending the lives of Starters’ brains.

Not surprisingly, film producers have been clamouring for the rights – there are plum roles for the elder and younger generations of actors, and I’d so love to see the technology of airscreens…and Old Man’s ever-changing face!

Lissa Price has crafted science fiction as it should be and Starters is a delight to read. I love the world-building, the technology, the twists and turns – this is high-quality stuff. Expect Enders this December.


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