[REVIEW] Hanging by a Thread – Sophie Littlefield

Sophie Littlefield
Hanging by a Thread
Random House Delacorte (US & CA: 11th September 2012)
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Psychometry is becoming more common in fiction, no more so than in YA. In Hanging by a Thread, Clare Knight can touch an item of second-hand clothing, and if the previous owner had a traumatic event whilst wearing that item, Clare knows what happened. Apparently this has been happening for years, yet she doesn’t get around to buying bolts of fabric and making her stuff from scratch until the very end of the novel. Okay, if she’d figured that out earlier, there wouldn’t even be this novel.

This is not a bad book, but it is rather meh. It’s just not fresh – not the premise, requisite bad boy, scheming teens, or [spoiler redacted]. Still, it’s nice that Clare has a hobby.

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