8 New Deals (Aguirre, Dane, Landers, Mead, Slaughter, Spann, Tracey)

Ann Aguirre‘s Horde (2013) to Feiwel & Friends (World English). Final book in the dystopian Razorland trilogy.

Ann Aguirre‘s edgy paranormal revenge trilogy to Feiwel & Friends (World English). Doctor Faustus meets Mean Girls, set in a dark world of secret societies, twisted bargains & forbidden love. Book 1: Mortal Beauty (2014). Book 2: Dire Charm (2015). Book 3: Dead Lovely (2016).

Lauren Dane‘s Going Under to Berkley in a 2-book deal to Berkley, for publication beginning 2013. Both books continue the Bound by Magick series.

Melissa Landers‘s Alienated in a 2-book deal to Disney-Hyperion (World). A high school valedictorian takes in an extraterrestrial exchange student in order to receive a college scholarship, prompting a national controversy that spins out of control, only to find herself falling for her mysterious alien friend.

Richelle Mead‘s Gameboard of the Gods in a 2-book deal to Dutton (World). 1st novel in new adult paranormal series, Age of X, featuring an unlikely pair charged with investigating mystical phenomena in a futuristic world that was nearly destroyed by religious extremists.

Karin Slaughter‘s next untitled book (2013) to Delacorte (NA).

Susan Spann‘s Shinobi in a 3-book deal to Thomas Dunne Books. A new samurai mystery series featuring a Samurai & a Portuguese priest, who must clear a teahouse entertainer of murder, with each book focusing on a different aspect of 16th-century Japanese culture.

Scott Tracey‘s Moonset (2013) in a 2-book deal to Flux (World English). 5 children of warlock terrorists must struggle against the destructive legacy left by their parents, all the while resisting their own capacity for darkness.

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