[REVIEW] Every Other Day – Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Jennifer Lynn Barnes
Every Other Day
Random House Egmont (US & CA: 27th December 2011; CA: Date); Quercus (UK: 2nd February 2012)
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Stand back – I’m doing science! No, I’m reading about it, but I so would’ve loved one of the characters to shout out that phrase. Alas…

This standalone has all the hallmarks of a Jennifer Lynn Barnes novel – chatty characters, enemies becoming friends, and paranormal activity afoot. Preternatural creatures take a star turn as part of history and even school quizzes. Kali D’Angelo has hunts these creatures when they get out of hand – but only every other day. On the days she’s not hunting, she’s as human as you or I, and even if she wants to hunt, she can’t do so and survive.

Kali does it all, from tempting a chupacabra out of someone else’s body and into her own, to battling ice dragons, and a whole lot of slaying. But not every beloved character survives, which is a smart move of the author – to have everyone live would simply be too unrealistic. (And yet I’m cool with preternatural creatures featuring. But my rule is that if you’re going to have paranormal stuff, the human stuff must be believable. Otherwise you’re not even trying.)

There’re plenty of genetics and family secrets to keep this interesting. Kind of makes me wish I’d studied biology, but I’d much rather read this book.


6 responses to “[REVIEW] Every Other Day – Jennifer Lynn Barnes

  1. I have this in my tbr pile , I’m really looking forward to it.

  2. I had no idea she was doing another series. This sounds interesting, thanks for the head’s up!

  3. I saw her at NW Bookfest on the Smart Chicks Kick it Tour and she talked about this book. I haven’t tried one of her books yet, but her description of using her phD research on monkeys as fodder for her books was very interesting.

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