[REVIEW] In Session – M. J. Rose

M. J. Rose
In Session: Dr. Morgan Snow with Steve Berry’s Cotton Malone, Barry Eisler’s John Rain & Lee Child’s Jack Reacher (Anthology of 3 short stories)
(US: 15th October 2011) [eBook & audio only]
Buy (US) Buy (UK)

I’ve never read anything by Steve Berry, Barry Eisler, or Lee Child, and before now have never read anything featuring their characters. Got to be honest, when authors write using other authors’ characters, this fan fiction makes me nervous. Even though M. J. Rose has the authors’ blessing.

She’s an author I’ve read before. Starting with erotic fiction, she’s moved into thrillers, all featuring psychology. I really like the standalones and the Morgan Snow novels, even though I don’t care much for her character – I love reading about Morgan’s clients and their therapy.

As for the Reincarnationist novels…not for me. Read the first, and haven’t been inspired to try the next two. Reportedly the fourth, The Book of Lost Fragrances, will have more psychology. Fingers crossed.

Anyhoo, In Session is an anthology of three short stories, available only in eBook and audio format. It’s only 58 pages, which explains why there’s no print edition. The first tale, “Extenuating Circumstances”, is the weakest story, a quiet tale of an erotic art book, and how discussing it brings out the bookseller’s past. The second, “Decisions, Decisions”, is the strongest, about ethical issues and a well-known man’s threats. The final story, “Knowing You’re Alive”, starts with action, but do we ever find out who the bomber is? Just Nina’s unnamed patient? Bit anticlimactic, but I guess we’re supposed to be focused on Jack Reacher’s tale.

M. J. Rose is a strong writer, even though Dr. Morgan Snow talks a lot about designer pieces and whatnot. But I’m lower-middle class, so I can’t relate. Still, this collection reminds me that I still have The Venus Fix, the third Morgan Snow novel, to read.


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