7 New Deals (Black, Caine, Cremer, Hart, Kade, Ryan)

Holly Black‘s The Coldest Girl in Coldtown to Little, Brown (World English) in a 2-book deal. Conceived of & originally published to great acclaim as a short story. Set in the not-so-distant future, where the vampire population has surged, resulting in the establishment of Coldtowns, quarantined cities of vampires & humans where predator & prey coexist in a never-ending blood party of revelry. These isolated meccas of debauchery are the pillars of pop culture, with vlogs, live feeds, & YouTube videos constantly streaming from the endless parties at vampire mansions. Drawn into this bizarre & dangerous world is Tana, who willingly enters Coldtown with an infected ex-boyfriend on the brink of turning & a mysterious vampire with a tortured past intent on seeking revenge.

Rachel Caine‘s 3 new books in the Morganville Vampires series to New American Library. Morganville, Texas, is a town where the vampire population & human population coexist under a set of rules whereby the humans swear fealty to a protector, make monthly blood donations, & in exchange the vampires won’t snack on them. Havoc is wrong when a group of young rule-breakers runs amok in the town.

Rachel Caine‘s untitled stand-alone about Benvolio (from Romeo & Juliet) to NAL (World English). Benvolio is Romeo’s cousin & attempts to get the lovelorn Montague interested in other girls after it’s discovered that Juliet is a member of the clan his family despises: the Capulets.

Andrea Cremer‘s 2 new books to Penguin Philomel (NA). The Inventor’s Secret (1st in a new steampunk series; scheduled for 2013) is set in an alternate 19th century in which the American Revolution never happened & the British rule the world. Rise (a 2nd prequel to the Nightshade series) is scheduled for 2013.

Megan Hart will publish 3 more mainstream novels following the success of Precious and Fragile Things (& the upcoming All Fall Down). The 1st of these new novels will become available in 2013.

J. V. Kade‘s middle-grade Bot Wars: Line Zero to Dial Children’s (World English) in a 2-book deal. Set in a futuristic world where humans & robots are at war. A boy goes on a search to find his missing military father.

Foretold, edited by Carrie Ryan, to Delacorte for publication in 2012. An anthology about prophecies & predictions, featuring stories by Laini Taylor, Jen Lancaster, Meg Cabot, Richelle Mead, Michael Grant, & others.

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